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Every single testimonial you see here is real. They are all from happy clients and I do have them all on file in case anyone wants to confirm their validity.

MS. Doanes, a housewife from North Carolina, says:

Arthritis in Hands"I have arthritis in my hands and can not open bottles, cans or any type bottles.

I have used many plastic openers that have been advertised as openers for people with arthritis.

But this opener works exceptionally well and with very little effort... a great product. I will order the others we spoke about and put them in my office, home, car and anywhere I may need an easy opener...

Thank you

~ Ms. Doanes, N.C

Looking for A TESTED SOLUTION?'s independent study on Open Sesame Bottle Openers Revealed....

Samples of the Open Sesame were distributed to various age groups, including seniors, some of which have arthritic hands and find lifting tabs and opening bottles very difficult."The consensus was very positive - they found that the size and grasp of Open Sesame makes opening beverage bottles and lifting tabs so much easier...

The opener grips the plastic screw-on tops so well, and the shape allows you to tightly re-close opened soda and water bottles with ease."

"Recommended especially for those with arthritis or problem hands."

~ Rated rating, based on an Independent Review From Mariette Mifflin,'s Guide to Housewares / Appliances

Read the independent review about Open Sesame at

Read the independent review about Open Sesame at

Dear Friend.

It was 5 years ago. My mother was suffering.

I felt so helpless...

Her hands, her wrists. She couldn't even open simple bottles. And I couldn't be by her side all the time. I had to work. Worse, she felt embarrassed about not being able to open a simple twist off plastic bottle. She would try to do it on her own, and injure herself more.

So I went out and bought her 5 different kinds of bottle openers. She complained her pain in her wrists was got worse after using them. I was outraged!

Can you imagine how I felt? I was only trying to help.

I felt completely ripped off... so I did something about it.

I have since worked with her, and a few arthritis patients, to design of the PERFECT Easy Bottle Opener. And customers around the world have been giving me feedback on my invention...

Real feedback from real customers was the only way to create a truly helpful easy bottle opener. And the current design has been getting nothing but raving thanks!

Mamie Courchaine, a housewife from Gardner, MA, says:

I saw the Open Sesame easy opener in Arthritis Today. I decided to go on line and try to find the product. I found a website for it and decided to order the multipack.

My husband was recently diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and sometimes has trouble doing things like flip tops on cans or opening bottles that twist. So I figured it was worth a try.

I have gotten other products in the past but this works so much better. He uses the easy opener for opening flip top cans on a daily basis. We also use it for opening bottles and I myself find it useful for that as well. It has helped to make life easier and we love the product. I am 53 and my husband is 60. I gave my mother-in-law who is in her 80's one of the easy openers too. She also loves it.

Thanks for inventing it!!

Patti Chapman, Concho, AZ, via email, says:

I bought one for my mom, she cannot open her water bottles. I looked online to find something that would make it easier for her. That's when I found Open Sesame, and ordered it along with someone else's opener.

She couldn't use the other brand because it took too much strengths in her wrists, so I returned theirs. She tried Open Sesame the easy bottle opener and it worked great for her.

She is 72, with lupus that has crippled her hands.

Thank you very much!

I'm very proud that my mother isn't the only one the easy bottle opener helped. Seriously... seeing how others have used Open Sesame easy bottle openers to help their loved ones, touches me on an even deeper level.

More than a 10,000 orders
from all across the USA.

I will share more testimonials with you, but at this point you should see exactly what the easy bottle opener has done for my mother, and all these customers.

Opens Plastic Bottles

Opens Plastic Bottles

Opens Glass Bottles

Opens Glass Bottles

Open Cans

Open Cans

Keep it on the fridge

Keep it on the fridge

See How It Works!

95% Of Our Customers Are:


Anyone suffering from arthritis or limited hand strength will benefit from having the Open Sesame easy opener. It's frustrating (to some, embarrassing) to have to ask for help -- or have to WAIT for help -- to open a common drink bottle or can. Our simple easy bottle opener can add independence and pain free opening for many seniors.

Kids :

Little hands like to "help Mom" and do things for themselves. Open Sesame helps children open their own sodas and water bottles. The shape is easy to grasp and it's safe to use. It's a good exercise for developing better eye-to- hand coordination skills. Our high quality product is virtually indestructible and stain resistant, easily cleaned with a damp cloth.


The ergonomic design saves your hands. The slide in design to open pull tabs saves your nails. NO MORE BROKEN OR DAMAGED NAILS FROM PULL TABS!!!


Keep one next to the BBQ grill or at your home bar.

Features of the patented Open Sesame Easy Bottle Opener

  • Opens aluminum cans like magic -- slide tab into slot, lift up, can is open.
  • Unseals plastic screw off caps with a simple twist -- it grips and grabs.
  • Makes easy work of metal capped glass bottles -- lift up, cap pops off!
  • Ergonomic design -- gentle on hands. Built-in leverage points -- eliminates pain and strain.
  • Especially helpful for those with arthritis or limited hand strength.
  • Magnetic back -- easy to store and easy to find.

Thousands of customers stand behind this cans & Easy Bottle Opener.

This is why I'm not afraid to give you...

90 Day money back guarantee. Lifetime Warranty

90 Day money back guarantee. Lifetime Warranty

My Guarantee is very Simple....

Yes it is very simple. You Just Try Open Sesame easy opener in your home or office for 90 days, Either you'll love how easy open and comfortably helps you or send it back for a refund, no questions asked. Open Sesame easy open cans and easy open bottles has more than 1000 of satisfied customers, who already know how easy opening, fun and foolproof it is to with all different beverages, water, beer, juice or soda that comes in a glass bottle, plastic bottle or aluminum can, no mater what, with Open Sesame® easy opener you can easy open them all, as easy as saying Open Sesame.

With my 100% Satisfaction Guarantee it's easy to see if Open Sesami easy bottle opener is right for you. You'll love it - or your money back.

It is really a relief that you can try it with no risk at all, to be able to use it for a full three months and as much as you like, until you can see for yourself if Open Sesame easy openers really helps you.

This is what we all at Open Sesame are very happy for, because my policy of “Happy Costumers Feel Good” is that you only keep it if you like it.

If you think it is not helping you and if for any reason you are not completely satisfied I will refund your money, no questions asked. You can call me anytime if you have any questions about any of the cans & bottle openers. I will be very happy to clear any doubts you may have so you can get your new Easy Cans & Easy Bottle Opener Open Sesame knowing for sure, it is for you to have and for you to use to help you and your loved ones every time for the rest of your life.

Looking for a Good Long Lasting Promotional Product?

This Video will explain to you how Open Sesame easy openers can give you the best promotional Product for many years to come.


Open Sesame ® Cans & Easy Bottle Openers used
to be distributed in selected Walgreens.

Now exclusively available online
DIRECT TO YOU to make it even more affordable!

For Less than the cost of a few cups of coffee you can get
your own OpenSesame easy opener today - and have it for a lifetime.

Get your Open Sesame easy bottle opener today, for yourself and for
your loved ones. Put an end to the agony of
opening many types of beverages right now...

Order NOW With A Peace Of Minds

100% Guaranteed

90 day no questions asked, iron clad money back guarantee
AND a lifetime warranty on the product.

BONUS: Get 1 Open Sesame USA Free.

3 + 1 Free

OFFER ENDS SOON. See orderform for details.

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More Stories From Our Customers?

More Stories From Our Customers?

Ron Miller, a father from Portland, Oregon, says:

I bought the easy bottle opener for my son- who has a disability which affects his hand strength.

He used his opener last night at a party with friends and was pleased he did not have to ask for help to open cans and a water bottle.

John Weeks, a husband from Pinetop, Arizona, says:

I bought 4 0r 5 Open Sesame easy bottle openers for my wife, who has a connective tissue disease - and arthritis to an extent she can't use her fingers... it has been a great help for her, mostly opening the bottles...

We are in our 50's -- wish I had found them sooner.

Thanks -- keep inventing!

Suzanne Zimmerman, writing from Maryland, says:

I bought the Open Sesame Easy Bottle Opener for my husband's grandmother.

We were visiting her in DelRay Beach, FL and she said that there were certain things that made her feel her feel 90 (she is now 91) and one thing that really bothered her was not being able to open a jar or bottle by herself.

She lives alone and even when her son and daughter in-law were visiting she would not let them know that she could not open some jars or cans.

She told me that her son, Peter went to the refrigerator to get something for himself and that she was so happy because she had that bottle in their for weeks and could not open it.

Grandma is very stubborn and independent and would of let that bottle sit. When I went back to Maryland, I thought there was probably something to help people with arthritis open jars/bottles and searched on line.

I ordered the OpenSesame Easy Bottle Opener and sent it directly to Grandma. She was puzzled and did not know why or who sent it to her. I called her and asked how she liked the easy bottle opener and she told me she LOVED IT.

Thank you.

Sharyn Doanes, who prefers not to disclose her location, says:

As I said in my conversation with you, I have arthritis in my hands and can not open bottles, cans or any type bottles.

I have used many plastic openers that have been advertised as openers for people with arthritis but this opener works exceptional well and with very little effort... a great product.

I will order the others we spoke about and put them in my office, home, car and anywhere I may need an opener.

Thank you.

Don Boughton of San Diego, CA, says:

For several years I have struggled trying to open several cans of soda.

Many times my fingers were sore and my finger nails would break off. I visited several stores trying to find a suitable can opener and none of them were to my liking, then one day I did a Google search (thank goodness for Google) where I found your amazing product.

I placed my order for 3 Open Sesame, I received them right away, I kept one for myself, one for my son and one for a friend.

Pablo you hit on a fantastic product, thank you very much.

Daniel H. Stephenson, 70, from Deltona, Florida, says:

Over the last five years my hands have become weak and painful and trying to open pop top cans and twist off plastic bottle tops is almost impossible. I have spent many hours searching the internet for an easy opener that worked really well.

I have ordered six or eight items, only to find that they did not suit my needs or live up to my expectations. I recently found your web site have since ordered four Open Sesame easy openers.

As of today I have given the four I purchased to friends and I will be obtaining more this week.

Thank you for providing such an excellent product!
Every single testimonial you see here is real. They are all from happy clients and I do have them all on file in case anyone wants to confirm their validity.

You've heard their stories, now it's your turn. Try it with a peace of mind.

This is a very special moment for you. Finally you have found it. Are you going to let this unique opportunity pass you by?

Or will you now take advantage of it, for your immediate relief?


I have put together the best most functional cans and easy bottle opener for you, (Ok, for my mom And You) made with the best materials in the market, and still have been able to give it to you for under $10.00 with your order of 2 and even less than $8.75 when you select the 1 Free special, now you know it is Guaranteed to last for life. You have seen the testimonials from so many happy clients that already use it day after day. I'm giving you 90 days to try it risk free. I have given you all my personal information including my direct phone line so you may contact me at any time for any reason or for any questions you may have.
(And you  can rest assured that I respond to all my messages and phone calls within one working day or less)


Ask yourself

What else do you need? The only thing is missing is your desire to have the best help there is, your desire to feel good and be happy from now on, to recognize that you deserve the best, and once and for all give yourself a gift that you yourself will thank you for, now and for many years to come. So it is your turn to make the right decision, make the right step and feel free. It is the time to see yourself happy. Using open sesame easy opener every day will give you complete freedom, peace of mind, confidence, flexibility and most importantly happiness. Now you know that it is now very easy for you, with open sesame. Finally you have found it. Don't let it pass you by. Now it’s your turn.

Looking for the Best Deal?

I have created the best cans & bottle opener special offer ever, especially for you. 3 + 1 Free. Now you can save not only in the S/H but on the cans & Bottle Openers as well because with my limited time special offer I will send you an extra free cans & easy bottle opener. That’s right same Shipping and Handling and an extra free OpenSesame easy bottle opener so now you can have it everywhere you may need to open a beverage container, beer, water, soda or juice in your Boat – RV - Car - Beach – Pool – Bar – Kitchen – Office - Night Table, you name it, anytime to be use anywhere for any beverage, approximately $40 Dollars on savings comparing if you where ordering your OpenSesame® cans & easy bottle openers one by one.

BONUS: Get 1 Open Sesame USA Free.

3 + 1 Free

90 Day Money Back Guarantee

90 Day Money Back Guarantee

90 day no questions asked, iron clad money back guarantee
AND a lifetime warranty on the product.
Less S&H and/or rush fees

100% guarantee

OFFER ENDS SOON. See order form for details.

And If You Like To Be Always Ready....For Easy Opening

...When entertaining out doors, when having a beach day, pool day, a BBQ with friends and family, I will send you a Free IDEAL DEAL for easy opening with your order of 4 regular easy openers, that is right you’ll get 4 regular Open Sesame easy opener Plus a Free Hanging On With all the distinct features of the original Open Sesame, The FREE Hanging On offers the added benefit of an attached security cord. It's comfortable enough to wear around your neck, yet with a built-in safety feature to break apart if pulled on.

You receive 4 Open Sesame easy bottle openers and 1 Hanging On Open Sesame for BIG SAVINGS of almost $40 Dollars, comparing if you where ordering your Open Sesami TM bottle openers individually.!

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Open Sesame Easy Bottle Opener and Can Opener is being designed to help people from all age groups and especially for those with problem hands or Arthritis in hands wrists or fingers.

I’m committed to providing the Best possible Help there can be. PLEASE Keep in touch AS THERE IS more exciting help ON ITS WAY AND COMING SOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

I recently finish a new invention to easily open soup cans, sardine cans, cat food cans, or any regular similar aluminum metal can. I’m in the production process and soon I will be able to bring it to this new market in need for such of a good easy help with this little hard to open food metal cans.

Also I just have a patent granted for a very special wine opener. It will help so many seniors and people all over of all ages.

The same characteristics of the design to easy-on-the-hands will apply to any and all of my new inventions. keep in touch, you will love it too.

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Linda Duke, 53 from Lindale Georgia says:

Hi, I searched on the internet for a bottle opener because my mother-in-law was having trouble opening bottles of coke (coca cola) and Pepsi.  

I included it in my Christmas presents to my mother-in-law, 2 sisters, and kept 1 for myself.

 …..My mother-in-law is 88 and was having trouble opening bottles of coke and pepsi.   She loves this Bottle Opener and uses it all the time.


Linda D, Georgia.

Kim Hunt, Mr. Taylor daughter from Christchurch, New Zealand says:


My father was a tailor, Taylor by name and trade, during his working life and that has taken its toll on his hands now in later life, he has very bad arthritis in his hands. After visiting my father one day I listened to him complain about how he wanted a drink of fizzy one evening but he couldn't get the bottle open. He tried using an opener he got from the hospital, a rubber grip, even a hammer but he couldn't get it open, as he is now a widower he didn't have anyone who could help him so he had to go without. I thought there must be something out there that could make it easy for him and I searched the web and your site was one of the first I saw.......the video, how it opened cans and plastic top bottles wow........

I bought it right there and then. When it arrived I took it over to him and to see the smile on his face was priceless. Opening cans had even been a problem for him but not anymore and we found it easy opens child proof medicine bottles which is a bonus. My dad was so excited that when his grandchildren came the next day for breakfast he had them all using it to open their cans of drink. Even now weeks later he still comments how lovely it is to be able to open the plastic top fizzy drink bottles whenever he wants.

Pablo, Many thanks for one of the best presents I have ever bought.

Kim H.

Christchurch, New Zealand

Brenda Cox a sister from Calhoun, GA

Hi, I got Open Sesame from my sister

My sister gave me one; I have it on my fridge.  I use it all the time for bottles, friends love it.... when I give it to them to use, and they always say What is this?”, then they are surprised when I tell them what it is

My sister bought it for me.

Very nice, Thanks

Brenda C. Calhoun Georgia.

Stan Schoenberg, a father of a flight attendant in NY says:

Dear Pablo,

About a year ago, I bought an Open Sesame bottle opener for my son who is a flight attendant. I had done research online and found your Open Sesame website and called you directly.

My son was complaining that he was damaging his fingers by continually opening up the soda cans during flights for the passengers.

Since he would open up about 50 cans per flight, I could understand where this would become a "hurting" problem. The female flight attendants were also complaining about the loss of their manicured nails! Many passengers have asked him about the opener once they saw the ease of its use with many different cans……….

He uses the opener mostly for the cans and continuously raves about the opener.

Since I am older and do not open up many cans, I would love to have an opener that would open up bottle tops such as spaghetti sauce bottles without having to hurt my wrist! Are you making such an opener??

I would highly recommend that you advertise this to the airline industry or to the Flight Attendant's Association in Washington, D.C.

Stan Schoenberg,
New City, New York

Mrs Talitha Mayo a wife from El Cajon, California says:

Hello Pablo,

My husband has a skin condition that makes it very easy to tear his skin open.  He also has arthritis in his hands.  I saw your web site and decided to give it a try anything that would help.  We both liked it so much I sent for another.  I am 64 years old and it is wonderful to have and opener that is easy to find,(magnetic goes anywhere) and doesn't hurt every time we have to open a bottle or can.  Thank you for the handiest item I have in my kitchen.  We also keep one in the bedroom just in case we get to lazy to go get the one in the kitchen. 

Mrs Talitha Mayo
El Cajon, CA

Ms. Nancy Cotugna, writing from the Firs State – Delaware, says:

I LOVE  the openers. I bought them as gifts for friends who love cola as I thought they were so cute.

I also bought some for relatives with arthritis who have a hard time opening bottles and cans because their hands are weak. All of them said that they were a big help to them, and they also liked the fact that they were magnetized and could stick to the refrigerator, so they never had to look for them in crowded drawers. 

My young nephews thought they were "cool." I heard about them
from a TV ad, but now of course know your Web site.

The customer service has been excellent so thank you for that too.

Nancy Cotugna
Bear, DE

Dorothy Morganelli, 75, a Lady from Massachusetts says:

Hello Pablo,

I do not know what I would do without your Open Sesame.  I first learned about it on the Internet and at the age of 75, with arthritic hands and wrists, I would not be able to open tonic cans and bottles.  I also gave an Open Sesame to my sister-in-law, who is now a widow, and she too would be completely loss without it because she has nobody else living with her to assist her.  When her granddaughter visits she too likes to use it. 

Consequently, Open Sesame is a very helpful tool for anyone at any age to have. 

Not only in their kitchen but also it is so easy to take along on a picnic.  If I had another Open Sesame I would keep it in the glove compartment of my car so that it would be available to me not only at home but when I am on the go.

Thank you very much for your interest.


Dorothy Morganelli
Sharon, MA

Joe Wiley, a son from League City, Texas says:

The Open Sesame is working out great for my mom (Cathy Wiley). I purchased it for her about 6 months ago because she has Parkinson's Disease, and her hands shake badly at times and are very weak. 

It was impossible for her to open bottles and cans with pop-up tabs. She really relies on the Open sesame on a daily basis.  I found your product while doing an Internet search for bottle and can openers for my mom, due to her Parkinson's, as I mentioned.
Thanks again for a really ingenious and well made product.

Joe Wiley

League City, TX

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Easy Opener for Bottles and Cans-Ergonomic with Magnet Back - Flip the Lid - twist the Top - Pop the Cap Easy & Fast with Open Sesame bottle openers