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OpenSesame: The Easy Bottle Opener

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Monday-Friday 8 am to 5 pm
Eastern Standard Time


Pixie LLC
1585 East 11 Avenue
Hialeah, FL 33010


For Info you may call 305-889-2868
or email opensesameusa@aol.com

Why do you say "pain-free" opening?

Many people don't have any problem opening beverages. Many others struggle with certain types of caps. Along with being so functional, OPEN SESAME easy bottle opener, is especially helpful for people suffering from joint and hand problems, such as arthritis, and those with limited hand strength. The comfortable, curved design and the extra leverage OPEN SESAME'S design produces makes it a very useful tool for those of us who need help -- from smaller children to senior citizens. ANYONE will benefit from not fighting to twist off a bottle top or break a nail on a pull tab! OPEN SESAME easy bottle opener grabs and grips the cap. OPEN SESAME easy opener eliminates the pain and strain!

I found a site selling Openers for $5! Why should I pay more for yours?

We would suggest you take a logical look at the site and the product. Remember you’ll get what you pay for, if what you are getting is cheap then a cheap product you will get, same as cars or anything else, you can buy a used car for under $100 but it probably won't get to the next corner without braking on you.

We have tested OPEN SESAME rigorously, we have gotten beautiful and encouraging letters from happy clients from all over the world, who knows they have the best opener there is, that; it will last them for a very long time without any worry because they know they have gotten the best with the best guaranty there is (A Life Time Guaranteed)

OPEN SESAME easy opener is made with the stronger materials in the market, Like Metal and Polycarbonate, and is been designed specially to help people comfortably from all sources of life…  Especially those that need some more smooth support in their hands, like kids, Seniors, Mothers, etc…. and those with limited hand strength.

Chances are that the brand they are selling is a cheap imitation knockoff of a quality product like ours. Buying a cheap Opener may help you think you're getting more for less, but in reality it will have absolutely no effectiveness and value to you, as you will struggle and probably get more pain every time you try to use it.

Our OPEN SESAME bottle opener is not only 100% original, but it is made only with the very best materials. By “best”, we mean, strong still and hard polycarbonate, consequently very effective all the time.We want our customers to return to us repeatedly for more, as a gift to their best friends and family. 

Our magnetic Bottle Opener is sold at a price identical to most of the industry’s leading Openers manufacturers. The difference is that our product has an added functions inspired by Real people in need for a real solution, giving it the advantage over others. And that's what you will have with OPEN SESAME, an advantage over others every single time you use it, every time you'll need it, or every time you even think of needing it……

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we ship globally. We have satisfied customers from all parts of the world, including Canada, Australia, Japan, United Kingdom and over 50 other countries!

Is the package shipped from the United States Postal Service?

Yes, all International orders are treated as a Rush, shipped in a Priority service from the United States Postal Service office.

Soda Can Beer Can Opener

How to Redeem your Coupon

Just Log in to select the product(s) you want. Select Product Include a description of the products you're ordering, include the coupon and your check (Deducting the Value of the Coupon) payable to Pixie, L.L.C., and mail to:

Pixie LLC
MagicOpener.com Department
1585 East 11 Avenue
Hialeah, FL 33010

To see final price with tax if applicable you can follow the steps of you order until the final page shows. You’ll achieve the total price that way.

(No need to finish the form, only until you see the total price before the personal information page shows. Don't fill out the personal info - you don't need it for your mail orders).

NOTE: Value of the coupon must be deducted from the total of your order and the Balance along with the coupon and your selected product copy (Info) has to be sent by mail.

Florida Residents please add 7% applicable sales tax.

Order By Check

Make checks payable to Pixie LLC and send to:

Pixie LLC
MagicOpener.com Department
1585 East 11 Avenue
Hialeah, FL 33010

I have concerns about security- Is it safe to order online?

Absolutely! We use the safest credit card processing system on the Internet, Managed by NetBilling, one of the most reliable Internet merchant service in the market. All information about your order is encrypted, and cannot be viewed by anyone else. Ordering online using this state-of-the-art processing system is actually much safer than using your credit card in a restaurant, at a gas station or at the mall.

What makes your product different?

OPEN SESAME easy bottle openers combines the three most common types of beverage openers into one easy-to-use product.

You can use it to open plastic screw on bottle tops, aluminum pull tabs and metal bottle caps.

The magnetic back permits you to place it on the refrigerator, or on any metal surface, making it handy to store and use.

People are finding that the curved bottle design of OPEN SESAME makes it easy to grip and use -- virtually pain free opening with less effort on your part.

Why would I want to purchase more that one OPEN SESAME easy opener?

How many places do you use or need some type of bottle opener? Other than at home, you might want to keep an extra OPEN SESAME easy bottle openers in your car, at the office, for outdoor excursions (camping, boating, etc.), in your purse -- just about everywhere.

By purchasing more the one at the same time, we are able to offer you a savings on multiple purchases and shipping.

OPEN SESAME easy openers makes a great (and thoughtful) gift!

Why do you say OPEN SESAME makes a great gift?

You might not think of a bottle openers as a "great gift" -- think again:

  • For someone with hand/strength problems, it is most appreciated.

  • For fishermen, hunters, boaters, outdoors men, etc., it is most useful.

  • For soda and beer fans, it is most appropriate.

  • For bottle and opener collectors, it is most ideal.

  • For someone who has everything, it is most unique.

  • For teachers or office colleagues, etc., it is most affordable.

  • For neighbors and friends, it is most helpful.

Can you think of anyone who would be very happy having an OPEN SESAME opener?

Does OPEN SESAME have any warranty?

YES! It has a lifetime warranty -- no questions asked. If it breaks for any reason we will be happy to replace it free of charge. Simply return your damaged OPEN SESAME easy bottle opener, along with your original invoice and $5.99 for each opener to cover the shipping and handling fee. Please make your check payable to Pixie LLC and send to:

Warranty Department
Pixie LLC
1585 East 11 Avenue
Hialeah, FL 33010

Will OPEN SESAME work on every water and soda plastic top?

Most USA bottle manufacturers use a standard sized ridged plastic top. OPEN SESAME easy bottle opener easily grips the ridged tops and holds securely while you twist. Through much testing, we can estimate that OPEN SESAME will work on well over 80% of all USA bottle tops on the market -- including the most popular sodas and waters (Coca Cola, Pepsi Cola, Canada Dry, Seagram's, AQUAFINA, DASANI, FIJI.... etc.).

Once you know which top is the standard US size then it is very easy to recognize it all the time. Some people even like to take the Open Sesame to the supermarket with them so they can try it there before buying the bottle of water or bottle of sodas.

Does the size of the plastic bottle matter?

Most bottles use the same standard top. OPEN SESAME easy bottle opener will work as well on the smaller drinks as it does on the 2 liter size bottles.

How does it work to open aluminum cans?

EASY! You simply slid the aluminum tab securely into the slot at the top of your OPEN SESAME easy bottle opener and lift it up. You don't ever have to tug on the tab, or even touch it. OPEN SESAME easy bottle opener does all the work.

Does it work with all aluminum cans?

Yes. You can use it with any soda or beer aluminum pop up tab. Normally, some European and South American cans are made of a softer metal than those from the USA or Canada. To assure the tab will open properly (especially with the softer aluminum), it's always best to make sure the tab is completely inserted into the opener before lifting up.

OPEN SESAME opens metal caps, too?

Yes it does. We incorporated the traditional metal cap opener into the design. It's ideal for opening the metal caps on glass soda and beer bottles.

How does the magnet work?

Actually, we added three magnets to the back, flat surface of the opener. This gives it enough strength to hold well on most metal surfaces. You won't have a problem with the opener sliding or falling off from where you place it. You can keep it handy on the refrigerator or attach OPEN SESAME easy bottle opener to most other metal objects. The magnets will make a strong connection.

For easy removal from a metal surface, we suggest that you place OPEN SESAME easy bottle opener, near the edge on your refrigerator or other metal surface. Then, just slide your OPEN SESAME to the edge and lift off. It won't scratch or hurt the surface.

How is OPEN SESAME easy bottle opener made?

We want OPEN SESAME easy bottle opener, to be the Best and last bottle opener you'll ever need! It's made of high quality materials throughout: chrome-plated steel on the back and a durable polycarbonate (strong plastic) front. The magnets will help you keep it handy and not worry about losing it.

Do I need instructions on how to use my easy opener, OPEN SESAME?

While you probably don't need any instructions to use each part of the easy opener, we've included instructions and diagrams on the package to show the three separate uses. Also, you can visit our web page and watch the short video which explains (and demonstrates) each use.

How do I know for sure that my purchase went through?

You will immediately receive a confirmation receipt for your purchase. If you do not receive a confirmation email, it means your order did not go through. Credit card orders can be denied just because the information you submit (name, address, etc.) does not match (EXACTLY) information your credit card company has on file. Of course, there can be other reasons for denials. If you don't receive a confirmation receipt it means we have encountered some problem with your credit card approval and your purchase request DID NOT go through. Try resubmitting your order with corrected information. If you continue having a problem, we will be happy to try to help you solve it. Just send us an e-mail to: Info@OpenSesameUSA.com

How long will it take for me to receive my OPEN SESAME(S)?

You can expect your easy bottler opener, OPEN SESAME(S), to arrive within 2 weeks. We use standard shipping through the United States Post Office.

Can I get rush delivery?

Yes. There is a separate button on the order page to add rush shipping. Our very affordable RUSH service has been a winning feature with our customers -- guaranteeing a much faster delivery time.

For only an additional $3.99, we will process your entire order and have it in the mail within 1 - 2 working days. PLUS, if you order 3 or more OPEN SESAME products, your order will be shipped Priority Mail, which typically arrives within 1 to 3 business days after processing.

Save time and money with our customer-pleasing RUSH delivery service. SAVE MONEY -- buy three or more easy can & bottle opener OPEN SESAME and your order will automatically be sent by Priority mail at no extra charge. SAVE TIME -- add rush delivery for an additional $3.99 and your entire order will be processed during the next 24 to 48 working hours!

Our customers tell us how happy they are with this inexpensive service and the fast results.

Can I Return the Cans & Bottle Opener Open Sesame if I don't like it?

Yes of course, Open Sesame has a 90 day no questions asked, iron clad money back guarantee Less S&H and/or rush fees

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Credit Cards

Can I buy the Easy Bottle Opener Open Sesame if I don't have a credit card?

Yes, of course. You can always log in to select the product(s) you want. Include a description of the products you're ordering and your check, payable to Pixie, L.L.C., and mail to:

Pixie LLC
1585 East 11 Avenue
Hialeah, FL 33010

NOTE: Florida Residents please add 7% applicable sales tax.


Not sure if Open Sesame is good for you ?

This 9 very simple Yes & no questions will give you in few seconds a right idea if Open Sesame is god for you or not.

1. Do you sometimes wish for help to open that hard plastic screw off top or that difficult Aluminum can or that traditional Glass bottle?

2. Have you ever ask yourself, why every time you need to open a traditional glass bottle you never find the bottle opener in the drawer and wish for it to be there for you to use it right now?

3. Do you sometimes wish not to have to ask a friend or other family members to open any of the daily containers so you can drink some juice, water, beer or soda?

4. Maybe you don't have any difficulty opening any of the daily containers but do you sometimes wish not to brake or have broken your nail when trying to open some beer, water, soda or juice you have offered to a visitor or even for yourself?

5. Do you sometimes feel bad when seeing a family member or a friend in pain trying to open any beverage and wished for him/her to have no more pain or difficulty to do it from now on?

6. Aren't you the kind of person who likes things right, smooth and easy especially when it comes to hosting and have your guest happy?

7. Or maybe you simply like to have the best and enjoy the best in everything you do?

8. Have you ever wished to know what to give for a gift knowing they will use it every day and consequently feel grateful and happy because you know you will give the gift that last and helps everybody?

9. Do you sometimes feel the urge to take away a beverage container from a person's hands to help him/her to open it and wished to be close to him/her every time, so you can open it again and again and as many times that person needs it?


If 2 or 3 of these questions apply at least once in your life then you really need to try Open Sesame®, an extra ordinary 3 in 1 magnetic cans & bottle opener with a 90 day no questions asked, iron clad money back guarantee AND a lifetime warranty on the product. Less S&H and/or rush fees

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Magnetic Bottle Opener


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